Compass Box Hedonism

Blended Grain

Compass Box // Scotland

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You might be asking "what is a grain whisky?" In short, it is whisky distilled in a continuous still from a mixture of cereals, most typically wheat, corn, and barley. These whiskies generally are sold very young to other blended whisky companies. What Compass Box have done here is to take grain whiskies from a few different grain distilleries, on average 25 years old, and blended them together. The result is superb.

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  • Blended Grain
    Distilled from a grain or mixture of grains, usually corn, wheat, or barley from two or more distilleries; if Scotch or Irish,must be aged for at least three years in barrels.
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Tasting Notes

"Having aged in only 1st fill ex-Bourbon barrels, the whisky definitely shows aromas from the wood such as coconut cream and vanilla, but there are more layers to explore. The creaminess of the whisky is very sensual and as it sits in your mouth baking spices are revealed. The name "Hedonism" suits this whisky just fine."

Score 97

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Rich & Fruity

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