Copper Run Small Batch Spirit Whiskey


Copper Run // Missouri, USA

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Copper Run is a distillery surrounded by oak trees and hard water rich with magnesium and calcium. Both of which are good omens for a young distillery. Their small batch whiskey is made of corn, wheat, and malted barley. There is also some inert spirit alcohol added to help smooth the flavor. Your best bet for purchase is to visit Missouri where it is available at many local retailers and on-premise locations.

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    In the US, a spirit whiskey is produced by blending at least 5% whiskey (can be more) and no more than 20% straight whiskey with neutral spirit. In the EU and Canada, a grain spirit doesn't qualify as a whisky due to its age under 3 years.
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"Whiskeys don’t always need dazzling complexity to be well-made. The aroma has baked apples and peaches, vanilla, and caramelized bananas. There’s more caramel on the palate along with corn and some mild spice. The palate ends with a final taste of char. A whiskey that doesn’t overreach for complexity but instead is simple and pleasant."

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