Coruba Dark Rum

Dark Rum

Coruba // Jamaica

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Coruba Dark is a staple in the field of tropical mixology. Inexpensive, assertive, and funky, it would be difficult to miss in most mixed drinks. Coruba is often used to provide a "bottom end" in tiki drinks, and manages to stand up to strong citrus flavors. It is a blend of pot and column still rum that's been aged at least two years in American oak barrels.

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    AKA Black Rum. Usually aged (but not always) and has additional caramel-coloring added to provide the dark/black color. Some are distilled from blackstrap molasses. No specific type or size barrel required for aging nor is there a set time required for aging in most countries with a few exceptions.
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"On nosing, there is limited astringency, a bit of spice, and an ample dose of smoky molasses backed by the signature Jamaican buttery funk (hogo). Beyond the funky notes is a goodly amount of caramel and fruit including cantaloupe and green apple. As the rum enters, it does so with the same smoky molasses note, caramel, toffee, and cream. Almost simultaneously, there is a big dose of pepper--a combination of black and white--followed by a bit of nutmeg and a bitter saccharin note. Rounding out the spice and funk is the fruit which has now translated into Seville orange and Meyer lemon. The dry finish is short and dominated by the bitter saccharin note. While not terribly enjoyable on its own, Coruba Dark manages to shine in mixed drinks, and pairs beautifully with ginger beer."

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