Pusser's Rum Original Admiralty Blend (Blue Label)

Navy Rum

Pusser's // Multiple Countries

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Although the British Royal Navy stopped providing rum rations in 1970, you can still enjoy the same rum formulation thanks to Pusser's Rum. Blended in Barbados with rums from Guyana and Trinidad, Pusser's is a bold rum that is true to the English style: funky and full-flavored. Bottled at 42% ABV in the US and 40% ABV elsewhere. If you're looking for the true Navy Strength ABV version, look for the brand's Gunpowder Proof with a black label.

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    Aged rum that are often blends of rums from English-colonized countries such as Jamaica, Trinidad, British Guyana, and Barbados. Technically, navy-strength rums are 54.5% ABV or higher, though not all overproof rums are Navy Rums. Taste-wise, Navy Rums are usually rich and funky, and best used in Tiki drinks or punches.
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"The nose is spicy and funky with an undercurrent of butter cream. There is also a hint of lemon meringue and cardamom. The rum enters with a funky, smoky dunderous note that is immediately backed by a dose of spice and cane syrup. There is a bit of tannic bitterness that coats the palate, but the sweetness of the cane syrup and now vanilla balances it nicely. Subsequent sips provide even more spice led by cinnamon and nutmeg, black pepper and allspice. The long finish allows the spices to attenuate and as the bitterness re-appears, a bit of saddle leather and tobacco emerge and slowly fade away. Perhaps not a sipper, this rum works beautifully in a variety of mixed drinks, and provides a link to rum's naval tradition."

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