Cruzan Black Strap Rum

Dark Rum

Cruzan // US Virgin Islands

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After the sugar makers have extracted everything they can from the cane juice, blackstrap molasses remains. It's this molasses that lends its name to Cruzan Rum's most interesting product: a dark rum with such a unique flavor profile, it cannot be substituted for. Made on the island of St. Croix, this column-distilled rum is aged one to two years in ex-Bourbon barrels and flavored with molasses.

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    AKA Black Rum. Usually aged (but not always) and has additional caramel-coloring added to provide the dark/black color. Some are distilled from blackstrap molasses. No specific type or size barrel required for aging nor is there a set time required for aging in most countries with a few exceptions.
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Tasting Notes

"Immediately upon pouring, the deep, near-black rum fills the tasting room with aromas of pancake syrup, molasses, vanilla, and hints of fennel. On nosing, the spirit makes its youth known with a hefty dose of astringency that runs counter to the bakery invitation given moments earlier. The rum enters with some astringency and spice, but is immediately attenuated by the sweet molasses. Again, there is ample pancake syrup, along with vanilla and caramel. Subsequent sips yield a bit of coffee, then citrus and spice, namely lemon zest and cardamom. Despite being full of robust flavors, the bitter finish is thin and short. Certainly not meant for sipping, Cruzan Black Strap is a must-have for tropical bartenders, and can be used to great effect in updated classics such as the Jungle Bird or Corn 'n Oil."

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