Double Barrel Laphroaig & Macallan

Blended Malt

Double Barrel // Scotland

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It's the Scotch version of The Odd Couple. Douglas Laing takes a single barrel of Macallan and a single barrel of Laphroaig and sees what happens when the king of sherried Speyside malts meets the warlord of peaty Islay malts.

  • age
    8 Year
  • Cost
  • abv
  • Blended Malt
    Comprised of malted whisk(e)y from two or more distilleries; aged in barrels; if Scotch or Irish, must be aged for at least three years.
  • Cask Type

Tasting Notes

"Nothing about blending together Macallan and Laphroaig, two very bold but very different, flavors should work. Laphroaig tastes of things that washed up on the shore, and of peat, ham, engine grease, and vanilla. These characteristics overpower the Macallan flavors of sherry, chocolate covered cherries, and dark chocolate, which are relegated to playing a supporting role. The end result is more like a weirdly fruity, chocolaty Laphroaig than a balanced blended malt. "

Score 74

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