Dutch Tulip Vodka Premium Blend

Unflavored Vodka

Dutch Tulip // Netherlands

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Dutch Tulip Vodka Premium blend is made from fermented Dutch tulip bulbs, a grain base spirit and natural filtered water from the Dutch dunes. On average, about 40 tulip bulbs are needed to produce one bottle of Premium Blend, which is made in small batches by Clusius Craft Distillers in The Netherlands.

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    Distilled from any agricultural product, most commonly grains or potatoes. Typically distilled to 95% ABV. Water is added to bring the spirit down to as low as 37.5% ABV in the EU and 40% ABV in the US. It is usually filtered, often with charcoal, prior to bottling. It is almost always clear and unaged.
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Tasting Notes

"Incredibly aromatic, with soft and subtle spices accompanied by faint chocolatey notes. Behind all that are floral layers of dried lavender. The palate is lightly spiced, with lots of greener notes, subtle grains and whispers of black licorice. Lots to discover here. Great to drink on ice, but works well in cocktails too."

Score 88

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