Finger Lakes Distilling Riesling Grappa


Finger Lakes Distilling // New York, USA

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Finger Lakes Distilling is a New York State Farm Distillery, which means they must use locally-grown produce to create their spirits. They are located on a vineyard in one of New York's premier wine regions known especially for producing great riesling wine. Their Riesling Grappa is an unaged pomace brandy made from the highly aromatic grape. It is crushed and pressed for wine then the entire grape – seeds, skins, and all- are fermented and distilled as is traditional for grappa. Note: This is sold in 375ml sized bottles and found only in New York State.

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    Eau-de-vie that is distilled from the pomace (seeds, stems, skins) left over from winemaking. Typically only grapes are used, but other fruit is acceptable. Can be aged in wood. No specific length of time required.
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Tasting Notes

"This unaged spirit is uniquely aromatic: lemon meringue, whipped cream, orange peels, and hints of fresh cut grass, peach, and honeydew melon. Pleasantly hot and full-bodied on the tongue it has brilliant flavors of sweet grass, stone fruit, and juniper with the lemon-cream and orange peels. Drinks more like an eau de vie than a grappa with layer upon layer to discover on the finish. Drink as a digestif. "

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Flavor Profile

Fruity & Sweet