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G'Vine // Cognac, France

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Produced at the Maison Villevert estate in the Cognac region of France, it may come as no surprise to learn that G'Vine gin uses a base spirit distilled from grapes. Of the two varieties of G'Vine gin are produced, Floraison ("Flowering" in French) uses a larger amount of vine flower - grape vine flowers that have yet to mature into grapes - than its sister gin product. Along with the aforementioned vine flower, nine additional botanicals - juniper, lime, licorice, green cardamom, quassia amara, ginger root, coriander, nutmeg and cubeb berries - are also added. Each botanical is macerated and distilled individually with the base spirit. The individual botanical distillates, along with additional neutral grape spirit, are blended together and distilled again to create the final gin product.

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    Also has been referred to as "Contemporary", "New Western", "New Wave", and "New American". This style is not legally defined. In general, this category of gin, while it does contain juniper, places less of an emphasis on this botanical. Other botanicals not classically used in London Dry gins are often utilized and often highlight botanicals grown in the region the gin is produced. Most produced as either London Dry or Distilled Gins.
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Tasting Notes

"This gin starts off with fruity and fresh herbs on the nose and to those that have had grape eau de vie, this will be familiar to you. Green grapes, a little ginger, and something like pink bubblegum. The flavor is far less spicy than its sister, Nouaision. It is soft and delicate with more of the same found on the nose. The finish is slightly spicy and slightly bittersweet. This shouldn't be had in cocktails with powerful ingredients that would crush this gin; best in a drink like a French 75 or a simple gin and tonic with grape garnish."

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