Requested By Hamster

Germain-Robin Craft Method Lot 55 Alambic Brandy

American Brandy

California, USA

Requested By Hamster
  1. Hamster

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    This is fairly light for a brandy. Vanilla and caramel apple scents. Plenty of warmth, a tingly burn up front but more of a pleasant warmth at the end. Not a whole lot of deep flavors, maybe some caramelized fruit flavors and some white pepper at the end. Perhaps a bit thinner than I would like. Tastes somewhat young. Grapes used came from the 2017 harvest, and I tasted it in 2019, so not much barrel-aging and it shows. It did make a nice Sidecar with Grand Marnier. Certainly quaffable if a bit forgettable.
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