Gilpin's Westmorland Extra Dry Gin

London Dry Gin

Gilpin's // London, England

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This London Dry Gin is actually distilled in London at the Thames Distillery, an independent gin rectifier and bottler. Gilpin's is produced using 4-times distilled neutral wheat-based spirit and 8 botanicals which include sage, borage (aka starflower), and lime peel. The botanicals are steeped in the neutral spirit along with water from the Holy Well Spring at Cartmel in the Lake District in northwest England. The gin is produced in batches and the bottle contains year of distillation as well as batch and bottle numbers. It is bottled at 47% ABV. Not currently available in the U.S.

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  • London Dry Gin
    Neutral spirit flavored with juniper and other botanicals. In the US, the minimum ABV is 40%; In the EU, it is 37.5%. Originally, only made in London, this can be made anywhere. No artificial flavors or colors can be added. Only water, neutral grain spirit, and sugar (no more than 0.1g/l) can be added.
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Tasting Notes

"Sage and juniper come through first with a little coriander and citrus coming next. The gin leans towards earthy notes save for the spicy juniper and the citrus which helps to balance the gin so that it isn't too bitter. It is warming and savory which seem to lend it well to a Gibson Martini. "

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Flavor Profile

Juniper & Fruity