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Gra'it // Italy

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Gra’it (pronounced “great”) is a briefly aged grappa from the Bonollo family of Northeast Italy’s Veneto region. Perhaps most interestingly, the spirit is distilled from the pommace of a blend of what they consider seven of Italy’s most celebrated grapes: Nebbiolo, Glera, Aglianico, Sangiovese, Moscato, Nero d’Avola, and Corvina. The resulting grappa is rested for 12 months in Slavonian oak casks known to have a more gentle influence than French or American oak.

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    Eau-de-vie that is distilled from the pomace (seeds, stems, skins) left over from winemaking. Typically only grapes are used, but other fruit is acceptable. Can be aged in wood. No specific length of time required.
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    Slavonian oak

Tasting Notes

"The initial aromatics of this slightly straw-colored brandy are pungent with classic flavors of fresh flowers, warm earth, and baked plum with wild honey. When tasted, the spirit is light and fresh and the kiss of oak adds a bit of sweetness that rounds out any of the grappa’s rough corners. Perhaps not the most deep and profound style of the category, but very serviceable in a suave and elegant style."

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Sweet & Fruity