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Hendrick's // Scotland

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Hendrick's launched in 2001 and is distilled in Scotland at the Girvan distillery. It is distilled in small batches (500 liters) in two different stills using 11 different botanicals including elderflower, chamomile, and yarrow. One batch is made in a Bennet still which produces a heavier spirit (botanicals are macerated) and one is done in a Carter-head still (botanicals are vapor-infused) which produces a lighter spirit. The two are blended together and then infused with rose and cucumbers. It is then brought down to proof with water.

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    Also has been referred to as "Contemporary", "New Western", "New Wave", and "New American". This style is not legally defined. In general, this category of gin, while it does contain juniper, places less of an emphasis on this botanical. Other botanicals not classically used in London Dry gins are often utilized and often highlight botanicals grown in the region the gin is produced. Most produced as either London Dry or Distilled Gins.
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Tasting Notes

"The rose scent comes through loud and clear on the aroma. Juniper and bright coriander follow soon after, but cucumber joins in the party once you taste. Overall, not too earthy and the spices are moderate and only slightly bitter. The gin isn't bold and brash so look elsewhere for the punch of juniper. The goal of the gin seems to have been met which was a British garden tea party. Speaking of daytime drinking, try this in a Corpse Reviver #2 to revive you from the previous evening."

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