Humboldt's Finest Hemp Infused Vodka

Flavored Vodka

Humboldt Distillery // California, USA

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Humboldt's Finest is infused with a legal food-grade hemp, without any detectable THC, so it's legal in all 50 states. The distillery's USDA certified organic sugarcane-based vodka is the base. Located in Northern California the Humboldt Distillery has access to one of the freshest water sources around a redwood forest.

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Tasting Notes

"A huge herbal nose leaps from this glass with intense aromas of fresh pine needles, lemongrass, and matcha tea. The kaleidoscope of botanical notes create a vodka that smells more like a gin. In the mouth more weedy flavors bounce around but are calmed by the sugarcane spirit’s sweetness and the vodka’s spicy finish."

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