Cascade Alchemy Chai Tea Flavored Vodka

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Cascade Alchemy // Oregon, USA

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This creative flavored vodka starts with Cascade Alchemy’s super-filtered grain-based vodka. A cocktail of black tea and eastern spices macerate in the finished vodka to suggest the soothing flavors of the coffeehouse favorite chai tea.

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Tasting Notes

"This is a lightly-filtered vodka with some spice still present in the finished product. No matter — after lightly shaking they incorporate into the nut-brown hue of the spirit. The nose is powerful and exotic with a blast of clove, cinnamon, and steeping tea. The palate has moderate sweetness and actually does a very good job of aping the flavors of a chai latte. The distiller recommends a White Russian to be made with this vodka. It would certainly be a decadent treat and is one of few spirits that blends well with milk."

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Flavor Profile

Spicy & Floral