Knappogue Castle Marco de Bartoli Marsala Cask Finish

Single Malt

Knappogue Castle // Ireland

    1. Whiskey_Hound

      5.0 out of 5 stars
      This is the 2nd installment of Knappogue Castle's Cask Finish Series. It's my first but I'll be doing all three in time. I've never had a Marsala cask-finished whiskey, but I've been a huge fan of every KC product I've had to date. Let's see what a Marsala finish adds to the experience. Nose: What I'm assuming is the marsala cask really shines through. Very reminiscent of sherry. Red/purple grape, plum, and cola, raisin, date, and fig. There's also malt, toffee, shortbread cookie, vanilla, and caramel. Almond and cashew. Banana-walnut muffin. Floral and perfume-like. The traditional Knappogue Castle green apple is there, but here it is secondary to the cask influence. Finally, there's cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and allspice. I could nose this all day. Palate: More plum and cola, date and fig. Slight Christmas pound cake. Sweet and sour raspberry jam and cranberry bitterness. More of the almond and cashew, as well as the caramel, vanilla, toffee, and malt. Maple sweetness. Not a trace of alcohol. Finish: Medium-long. Spice-bomb right off the bat. Cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg erupt as the palate turns over. Once that settles down, I can detect a strong Granny-smith apple which I generally associate with KC. There's also more plum and dry red fruit. Raspberry. Drying and oak. Surprisingly hot, though it tames with each sip. Awesome. I really wish I could distinguish between sherry and marsala; the fact that I've never had a glass of either wine probably plays into this. At any rate, 5-star nose and palate, 4.5 star finish. 12 years old, very respectable ABV of 46% and a unqiue choice of cask. A lot to like here. It's one of 1200. I'm glad I got one, even at the high asking price of $80. Well worth it. Looking forward to reviewing the other two. If you're a fan of wine cask finished single malts, buy this on sight. Bumped up from 4.75 to 5. Palate got even better to match the nose after a few months.
      80.0 USD per Bottle
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