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Kübler // Switzerland

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Kübler Absinthe is made by master distiller Yves Kübler, great-grandson of the brand's founder. It is made from a recipe that dates back to 1863 using 9 botanicals including grande wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium) sourced from Val-de-Travers, Switzerland where the absinthe is produced. Kübler is one of two brands of absinthe to launch in the US in 2007 after the ban of absinthe was lifted.

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    A distilled spirit flavored with aniseed, grand wormwood, and fennel. Swiss-style (Blanche) is clear and French-style (Verte) is colored green with botanicals post-distillation. Typically 55-72% ABV and intended to be consumed after diluting with cool/iced water.

Tasting Notes

"The aroma has a solid anise aroma on the nose. It's pleasantly sweet as is and not especially bitter on the mid-palate. Really soft and full and not overly complex. Anise stays with you from beginning to end. The finish is the best part of the experience. Just mildly bitter on the finish and a touch of mint. (Reviewed with water/absinthe ratio at 4:1)"

Score 87

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Spicy & Rich

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