Lee Spirits Cocoa Flavored Gin

Flavored Gin

Lee Spirits Co. // Colorado, USA

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The Lee cousins champion old-style gin but also dabble in modern expressions as well. Their wide array of gins are the centerpiece of the cocktail menu at their speakeasy-style bar called Brooklyn’s on Boulder St. This was released alongside Lee Spirits’ Lavender Flavored Gin.

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  • Flavored Gin
    A gin flavored, either naturally or artificially with the (pre)dominant flavor(s) listed on the label.
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Tasting Notes

"The gin’s aromas are reminiscent of a chocolate factory. Piles of warm cocoa powder are present, some of it burnt. The palate starts with an unpleasant sour malt note. The rest of the way through tastes of dry, dark chocolate with a little burnt sugar on the finish. While this gin shows many facets of the cocoa they use, it seems to be only that--a cocoa-flavored distillate."

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