Lost Distillery Auchnagie

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Lost Distillery // Scotland

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A sad part of Scotch history is that many distilleries who were producing great whisky had to be shut down for economic reasons. Lost Distillery researches these "ghost" brands and recreates the whisky using a combination of documented evidence, knowledge of the distillery's former environment, and advanced whisky production knowledge as a guide. Auchnagie, a.k.a. Tullymet, existed in the Highlands from 1812-1911, using water from the nearby Loch Broom via the Auchnagie Burn. In the distillery's later years, barrels were matured at a facility owned by John Dewar and Sons. With extensive documentation about the distillery's surroundings and practices, as well as understanding of the strains of barley used, water source, peat-drying and years of barrel maturation, Auchnagie lives on through Lost Distillery. Note: tasting notes refer to the "Deluxe" edition and not the "Vintage" one.

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  • Blended Malt
    Comprised of malted whisk(e)y from two or more distilleries; aged in barrels; if Scotch or Irish, must be aged for at least three years.
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Tasting Notes

"When tasting this whisky, it must be taken into account that Highland Scotch used to be a lot more delicate than most of it produced in modern times, especially since the practice of re-using bourbon or sherry barrels was not yet in vogue. This is a very soft whisky, that's honeyed and somewhat yeasty, like shortbread or scones, with a subtle floral quality. It gets more citrusy (grapefruit, orange zest) after a couple of sips, as it takes some time to open up. A drop of water makes quite a difference, banishing some of the shyness."

Score 80

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