Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin

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Luxardo // Italy

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Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin is made by the family-owned Italian company best known for its liqueurs, most notably its Maraschino Liqueur which is the industry standard. The base for the gin is the brand's London Dry Gin which is made using nine botanicals--juniper, coriander, iris, angelica, sedge, licorice, cinnamon, cardamom, and bitter orange. The gin is then infused with Luxardo's own Marasca cherry juice. These Marasca cherries are cultivated exclusively by the Luxardo family in the orchards of the Euganean Hills in Veneto. This flavored gin is bottled at 37.5% ABV and is available in the US as of mid-September 2018.

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    A gin flavored, either naturally or artificially with the (pre)dominant flavor(s) listed on the label.
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Tasting Notes

"This spirit's rich garnet color gives the impression of a liqueur rather than a gin. On the nose, faint botanical notes are detectible under a juicy cherry aroma. The gin starts off strong on the palate, reminiscent of Luxardo's other marasca cherry offerings. However, it tastes slightly medicinal mid-palate and the botanical elements and cherry flavor clash on the finish. "

Score 83

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