Manhattan Moonshine


Manhattan Moonshine // New York, USA

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Manhattan Moonshine was developed by William and James Kehler and distilled under the direction of Ian Smiley, author of "Making Pure Corn Whiskey: A Professional Guide For Amateur And Micro Distillers". The idea was to produce an un-aged whiskey with a sophistication to match the swank speakeasies of the Prohibition era, rather than recall the association of backwoods ruggedness and car chases. That's right - luxury white dog (dispatch from the dept. of It Was Bound To Happen.) Oats and rye are the primary grains of the NY state-grown mash-bill. Packaged in a cut glass art-deco style bottle.

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    Distilled from a cereal mash bill comprised of any grain(s), must age at least briefly in oak for an unspecified amount of time.
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Tasting Notes

"What people tend to forget with this sort of product is that it's essentially vodka made with whiskey grains. And that's exactly what this tastes like - the sweetness of oatmeal, the spiciness of rye, the astringent finish of "ultra premium vodka." And it's got a nice looking bottle."

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