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Martell // Cognac, France

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Launched in early 2017 across US markets from the House of Martell. This cognac is made from a blend of eaux-de-vie produced at one distillery which is not the norm. Its packaging in a ‘montre’ cognac bottle is a throwback to the original design of the brand's VS offering. Martell VS Single Distillery is bottled at 40% ABV.

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    Brandy distilled in a delimited region within France from specific grapes. Must be double-distilled to no higher than 72% abv. Required to be aged in oak for at least 2 years. Also, if labeled as the following, minimum aging is: VS-2 years, VSOP-4 years, Napoléon 6 years, XO-10 years (as of April 2018).
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    French oak

Tasting Notes

"A rich fruitiness shows on the nose highlighted by raspberries along with herbal and grassy notes which work together for a somewhat vermouth-like aroma. An oily palate at first shows more fruits, here with canned fruit syrup, tart cherries, raspberries and blackberries, as well as chocolate and nuttiness. Finish is short and smooth with oak and spice taking their turn in front of that distinct raspberry note."

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Flavor Profile

Rich & Fruity

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