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Mekhong // Thailand

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Mekhong the spirit of Thailand is named for the Mekong River which borders Laos. Launched in 1941, it was the first domestically-produced spirit of Thailand and the only one until the early 1980's. Known in Thailand as a whiskey, it can best be described as a flavored rum, produced from 95% sugar cane/molasses and 5% rice. Labeled as a neutral spirit (not technically a rum) from a base of cane and rice with herbs, spices and caramel added. This is unaged and the gold color is strictly from the added caramel. 35% ABV.

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    For any other sugarcane spirits such as Charanda or aguardiente. If not made from sugarcane, will list in the description if made with honey, maple syrup, sugar beets, etc.
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"Deep gold in color and has a hot nose of toffee and stewed spices. Cinnamon, star anise, black tea with hints of evergreen and tea-berry are some flavors found on the palate. It is light but not easy-going with hot vanilla and bitter honey on the palate. Finishes all heat but if you wait long enough you will finally get all of the spice and toffee which lingers nicely. Drinks best in a tall Collins-type cocktail or sour. "

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