Mosswood Espresso-Aged American Light Whiskey

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Mosswood // (aged and bottled in California), USA

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Mosswood whiskeys are purchased from other distillers and then finished in unique casks in Berkeley, California. The whiskey for this expression is a light, primarily corn-based whiskey from Indiana, which was aged for seven years in used bourbon casks. Mosswood then aged this whiskey in a barrel seasoned with cold brew coffee. Incidentally, a "light whiskey" is a whiskey which is distilled over 160 proof but under 190 proof (bourbon cannot be distilled over 160 proof for comparison). It may be aged in either used or uncharred new oak barrels.

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    A spirit distilled from a mash of grain(s) at less than 95% ABV, bottled at no less than 40% ABV. The product must have characteristics, taste, and aroma generally attributed to whiskey
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    ex-bourbon; finished in a barrel seasoned with espresso coffee

Tasting Notes

"Ageing whiskey in a barrel that has been seasoned with coffee seems like an idea that could go terribly wrong, but Mosswood makes it go surprisingly right. Notes of cinnamon and cocoa on the nose bring to mind Mexican hot chocolate. The palate offers tastes of dark coffee giving way to roasted hazelnuts. The whiskey itself is light, but it serves as a canvas on which Mosswood can work their magic. Their espresso casked expression is one unique and unexpectedly enjoyable whiskey."

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