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Mosswood // USA


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Mosswood's "gray label" whiskeys feature small batches of whiskeys finished in unusual barrels. Their third release in this series is a 9 year-old American light whiskey finished for about six months in a barrel that seasoned with Mosswood's own housemade nocino (a walnut liqueur). Incidentally, a "light whiskey" is a whiskey which is distilled over 160 proof but under 190 proof (bourbon cannot be distilled over 160 proof for comparison). It may be aged in either used or uncharred new oak barrels.

  • age
    9 Year
  • Cost
  • abv
  • Other Whiskey
    A spirit distilled from a mash of grain(s) at less than 95% ABV, bottled at no less than 40% ABV. The product must have characteristics, taste, and aroma generally attributed to whiskey
  • Cask Type
    finished in Nocino liqueur barrels

Tasting Notes

"Mosswood's unique barrel finishes are always interesting, and the nocino finish is no exception. The light whiskey is well-suited to picking up nuances of the walnut spirit: a mild green note on the aroma, a roasty flavor, and a hint of complementary spices. It's a whiskey that defies categorization, but it's eminently enjoyable."

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