Neisson Reserve Speciale Rhum Agricole

Rhum Agricole Vieux

Neisson // Martinique

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Distilled and bottled on the estate in the Northwest corner of Martinique, all of Neisson's rhums are made from fresh sugarcane juice processed according to French government's Appellation d'Origine Controlee. This expression is made from rhums up to ten years old aged in Bourbon and whisky casks.

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  • Rhum Agricole Vieux
    Rhum distilled from fresh sugarcane juice that has been aged in oak in barrels not to exceed 650 liters. In Martinique, aging requirements are at least 3 years for a VO designation, 4 years for VSOP, 6 for XO, and at least 6 for vintage rhums. Hors d'age is aged between 8-12 years.
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    ex-bourbon and ex-whisky

Tasting Notes

"The complex nose is filled with a host of aromatically serious compounds including leather, tobacco, fennel, and a bit of ketones. There is also a hint of butter and orange marmalade. The rhum enters assertively, and it's the tobacco that wins the initial flavor-war, followed closely by leather, black pepper and licorice. The mouthfeel is a bit thin, but the lack of viscosity is balanced by the foundation of spice and earth. Subsequent sips find ample phenols, with grass in the distance; the notion of Scotch whisky eventually moves to the fore. The finish reinforces the whisky notion, leaving the imbiber thinking of tobacco and saddle leather with a palate coated in dusky bitterness. While Neisson Reserve Speciale is undoubtedly a fine example of aged rhum agricole, it can be polarizing: a great sipper for those who enjoy the style, toxic to those who don't (especially at this price point)."

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