Nooku Bourbon Cream

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Nooku // Colorado, USA

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Nooku Bourbon Cream is made with two ingredients: dairy cream and bourbon from Old Elk Distillery that's aged for two years. The brand prides itself on foregoing the use of artificial coloring, flavoring, or added sugar and bottles the liqueur at 17% ABV. In addition to Nooku's original flavor, it also comes in Peppermint and Hot Chocolate varieties.

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  • Dairy/Egg Liqueurs
    Dairy liqueurs are often made with real milk or cream, but there are “dairy free” options made from almonds, rice, or other vegan options. Whiskey or rum are often used in the base. Egg liqueurs tend to use brandy and sugar in its creation.
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Tasting Notes

"Look for a pale cream color and a heavy, milk-like consistency in Nooku's original Bourbon Cream. There's a familiar dairy aroma with rich, vanilla-like undertones coming from the bourbon base. On the palate, the milkiness of the liqueur prevails, but the more you sip, the easier it is to locate the whiskey flavor and hints of toffee. It has a nice texture, though it does err on the side of creamy with only a slight touch of whiskey heat. It would complement a cup of coffee well."

Score 86

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