Novo Fogo Single Barrel 87 Cachaça


Novo Fogo // Paraná, Brazil


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Single-barrel aged spirit is a concept more often associated with whiskey than it is sugarcane. However, Novo Fogo, in the Brazilian state of Paraná in Brazil, decided to give it a go with their cachaça. Each 53-gallon ex-Four Roses bourbon barrel is sanded and re-toasted before the spirit is placed in it for aging. This cachaça from barrel 87 spent 5 years in a warehouse near the tropical Atlantic Rainforest, so sadly the hot and thirsty angels only left us 300 bottles.

  • age
    5 Year
  • Cost
  • abv
  • Cachaça
    Produced in Brazil. Distilled from sugarcane juice. If aged, at least 50% of product must be at least 1 year old. The types of barrels used are not specified, but often utilize Brazilian wood. Up to 6 grams of sugar per liter may be added.
  • Cask Type

Tasting Notes

"If you want candy, this cachaça is for you! Dried dates, figs, mango, and pineapple rings are covered in sticky toffee and dark caramel. Malted milk chocolate provides a nougat-filled center, with a bit of a walnut, black tea, clove, and coconut. A whiff of cigar smoke tastes as though it's blowing over the glass toward the tart finish. "

Score 94

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Flavor Profile

Rich & Sweet