OYO Dark Pumpernickel Rye Whiskey


Middle West Spirits // Ohio, USA

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OYO Dark Pumpernickel Rye Whiskey is distilled from dark rye grown in the Ohio River Valley. Produced by Middle West Spirits in Columbus, Ohio, this 90-proof whiskey has aged for at least 3 years in American oak.

  • age
  • Cost
  • abv
  • Rye
    Mash bill at least 51% rye; aged in new, charred oak barrels.
  • Cask Type
    American oak

Tasting Notes

"OYO's nose is pretty, spicy and not as hot as might be thought given the proof and provenance. Spice hits first on the palate, but vanilla and caramel fight back with the aid of a hint of tannic wood; it all complements the robust rye. The overall impression is sweet but just enough so to balance the spiciness."

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Flavor Profile

Rich & Full Bodied