Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao

Triple Sec/Curaçao

Pierre Ferrand // Cognac, France

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Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao is based on a 19th century recipe and made in consultation with cocktail historian David Wondrich. It's made by infusing bitter laraha orange peels for one week in grape spirit. Then this infusion is distilled. Separately, walnut skins and prunes are infused for several months in brandy and Pierre Ferrand cognac to create a vegetal infusion. Then the master blender blends the orange distillate, the vegetal infusion, along with brandy and Pierre Ferrand cognac. Toasted cane sugar, which is barrel aged for several months, is used to sweeten the blend. Finally, the Dry Curaçao is left to age for several months in French oak barrels before bottling.

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  • Triple Sec/Curaçao
    Both triple sec and curaçao are orange flavored liqueurs. Triple sec is clear typically made with a neutral grain base. Curaçao is generally orange or blue and historically has a brandy base. Curaçao is often also flavored with additional spices, but does not have to originate in the isle. Generally the higher the ABV for both, the better the quality.
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    French oak

Tasting Notes

"A citrus smorgasbord with clementines, orange peel and pith, and grapefruit zest, as well as toffee, and grape jelly. The palate showcases zesty oranges with vanilla bean, along with touches of herbaceousness and spice. The finish is warming with bitter orange, tingly black pepper, and tannic black tea. A triple sec that's close to perfection."

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