Plantation Rum Grenada 2004

Aged Rum

Plantation Rum // Grenada

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The Maison Ferrand house has selected rums from the Caribbean for a collection known as Plantation Rums. Some of the rums are vintage-dated and list the country of origin in the name of the product. This Grenadan rum was distilled and aged in 2004 before being transported to Cognac for re-casking and further aging in ex-cognac barrels before bottling.

  • age
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  • abv
  • Aged Rum
    Rum that is aged, but no specific type or size barrel required. No set time required for length of aging, but will often carry an age statement (which should be taken with a grain of salt). Often thought of as "sipping rums".
  • Cask Type
    finished in ex-cognac barrels

Tasting Notes

"Fairly sweet and funky aroma with a touch of smoke and old wooden furniture. The medium-full rum integrates the barrel spices and roasted notes well and the rum has a dark sweetness on the finish. As you continue to smell and taste you can pick up on the banana-French-toast flavors and a slight grassy quality. The finish is of moderate length and is pleasant and rich enough to sip on its own or to add a slight funk to your cocktail."

Score 89

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Flavor Profile

Sweet & Spicy