Real Minero Arroqueño Mezcal

Mezcal Joven

Mezcal Real Minero // Oaxaca, Mexico

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Real Minero Arroqueño is a 100% wild-harvested espadín agave mezcal. This mezcal is produced using traditional methods. The agave is baked in earthen pits before being fermented in the open air in wooden tubs. Finally it is distilled through a series of earthenware pots. It is unaged.

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  • Mezcal Joven
    A spirit distilled from one or more different varieties of agave. Can only be produced in designated areas within 8 different Mexican states. Must be bottled in México. This is unaged or aged in stainless steel or plastic containers before bottling.
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Tasting Notes

"For better or worse, one of the the things about distilling in clay is that you can taste it. With arroqueño agave spirits typically having such a bright and delicate profile, the flavors can be overwhelmed if not properly modulated. The taste and aromas of terra cotta underlie everything in this mezcal. On the nose it bolsters notes of celery, dried chilies, smoke and aloe vera. The palate is savory with notes of cured meat, mushrooms, preserved lemon peel, and ash. The mezcal is quite dense, chewy and a little bit of a wrestling match. All-in-all a pretty interesting tug of war. "

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