Redbreast 21 Year

Single Pot Still

Redbreast // Ireland

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We have the taxman to thank for the existence of Single Pot Still Whiskeys. Back in 1785, the Irish government created a tax on malted barley. As a result, whiskey began to be produced with a combination of both malted and un-malted barley (aka green barley). It is triple distilled in pot stills and is unique to Ireland. The 21 year expression is aged in a combination of ex-bourbon and 1st fill sherry casks.

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  • Single Pot Still
    Produced in Ireland from a mash of unmalted and malted barley (30% each required) from one distillery. Traditionally, it is distilled three times in a pot still. Up to 5% of other grains allowed. Must be aged for at least three years.
  • Cask Type
    ex-bourbon and 1st fill sherry casks

Tasting Notes

"The more you nose and taste this whiskey, the more aromas and tastes you find. For starters, honey, ripe pears, hay, and breakfast cereal are revealed. The tasting profile is even more layered with juicy summer peaches, fresh barley, and wood spices. It is rich and chewy and finishes with a spice-filled aftertaste. Try to resist consuming the whiskey quickly; it is best enjoyed slow and steady."

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Flavor Profile

Rich & Fruity

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