Rhum Barbancourt 3 Star

Rhum Agricole Éléve Sous Bois

Rhum Barbancourt // Haiti

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Barbancourt 3 Star is by far the biggest seller from Haiti's Rhum Barbancourt, and the base of their lineup both domestically and internationally. 3 Star is aged for 4 years in French oak and, as a rhum agricole, is distilled from sugarcane juice. The scorching heat and humidity of the Haitian climate does quick work on Barbancourt's stock.

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    4 Year
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  • abv
  • Rhum Agricole Éléve Sous Bois
    Rhum distilled from fresh sugarcane juice that has been aged in oak (translates to "raised under wood"). In Martinique, it must be aged at least 12 continuous months within the production area where it was distilled.
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Tasting Notes

"Barbancourt 3 Star offers earthy, rich notes on the nose, with vanilla, floral notes, toffee, and a bit of oaky spice. The palate is light and earthy, with a funky hogo clearly present and complex flavors mingle around. The finish offers a lasting sweetness backed by oak. Add ice to bring out some caramel while rounding out the funkier profile."

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