Roaring Dan's Maple Flavored Rum

Flavored Rum

Great Lakes Distillery // Wisconsin, USA

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This rum is distilled from fermented grade A molasses, but on the second distillation, maple syrup is added. The maple syrup is also locally sourced (Cumberland, Wisconsin). Roaring Dan is named after Dan Seavey, a pirate in the Great Lakes who infamously stole a schooner named the Nellie Johnson back in 1908 which was loaded with lumber. He was able to board the ship and got the crew drunk before throwing them overboard. When finally caught, he claimed he won the ship in a poker game.

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    Rum that has been flavored, either naturally or artificially, with the predominant flavor(s) stated on the label.
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Tasting Notes

"This flavored rum is different from most you likely have come across. The maple flavor is certainly present, but isn't hitting you over the head. There's a slight fume-y/alcohol aroma, but this is also 90 proof. The body is medium-full and ventures into the marshmallow, brown sugar territory with a slight slickness and the dark maple coming in on the finish. If you are expecting something akin to pouring on your flapjacks, look elsewhere."

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