Schoharie Mapple Jack

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KyMar Farm // New York, USA

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New York's farm distilleries, like Charlottesville's Schoharie Farm, benefit from a state law allowing them to sell directly to the public, facilitating a boom in craft distilling in the past decade. This most unusual spirit consists of aged apple brandy, with the addition of just a touch of local maple syrup.

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    Brandy distilled from any type of fruit-based wine produced anywhere in the world. Not referring to any of the designated or protected areas such as Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, etc.
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Tasting Notes

"Dried apple, oatmeal-cinnamon cookie, and a touch of peppermint form the core of this spirit's flavor profile. Though technically a liqueur due to the addition of some maple syrup, the sweetness is barely apparent on the palate and there is almost no discernible maple aspect. The maple syrup's main contribution seems to be the pleasantly viscous texture and some shades of toffee and cardamom on the finish."

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