Short Mountain Tennessee Moonshine


Short Mountain // Tennessee, USA

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Short Mountain, founded by brothers Billy, David, Ben and Dairan Kaufman, pride themselves on distilling spirits made from their own 300 acre farm in Cannon County, TN. This unaged spirit is made from 30% corn and 70% cane that's stone-milled in house. The mash undergoes double-distillation.

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    A whiskey produced by blending at least 5% whiskey (can be more) and no more than 20% straight whiskey with neutral spirit.
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Tasting Notes

"Parafin and vanilla team up with petrol and rubbing alcohol to greet the nose. The palate is very dry and herbal, with sharp peppermint, chives, scallions and general grassiness. All of this is sprinkled with black pepper and doused in more petrol. Only a mere hint of vanilla adds some sweetness to this high octane-tasting spirit. "

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