Stolichnaya Elit

Unflavored Vodka

Stolichnaya // Latvia

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This ultra premium vodka first hit the market in 2003. Stoli Elit is made using "freeze filtration" inspired by the old Russian tradition of leaving casks outside in plummeting winter conditions. This grain based (wheat and rye) vodka is bottled at 40% ABV.

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  • Unflavored Vodka
    Distilled from any agricultural product, most commonly grains or potatoes. Typically distilled to 95% ABV. Water is added to bring the spirit down to as low as 37.5% ABV in the EU and 40% ABV in the US. It is usually filtered, often with charcoal, prior to bottling. It is almost always clear and unaged.
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Tasting Notes

"Aromatically, it is really difficult to detect much other than a touch of grain. As you taste, the vodka feels like soft water in the mouth. A mild sweetness comes through. The finish displays a light grain spice to it and a bite of alcohol...a nibble really. For those looking for a more neutral style of vodka. Serve very chilled. Dangerously easy to drink."

Score 95

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