Sugar Shed Rum

Dark Rum

Sugar Shed // Queensland, Australia


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Of Queensland make, the Sugar Shed rum comes from the Sarina Sugar Shed, originally a cane plantation turned sugar mill. The mill uses its sugar cane and molasses to craft a syrup used in the making of the Sugar Shed. The distillery also boasts a wide range of liqueurs. Note: Available only in Australia with your best chances at a bottle by going to the Sugar Shed directly in Queensland.

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  • Dark Rum
    AKA Black Rum. Usually aged (but not always) and has additional caramel-coloring added to provide the dark/black color. Some are distilled from blackstrap molasses. No specific type or size barrel required for aging nor is there a set time required for aging in most countries with a few exceptions.
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Tasting Notes

"With smoked wood rising off the nose, the rum opens suddenly to thick spice tones with a deep syrup flavor attacking the nose and roast wood bringing up the backend. On the palate, the full force comes to bear with rich ginger nut biscuits, sloe berries, and spiced wood resin. The mouth numbs as the sugar and spices take their toll. Still thick, the resin turns to sweet acetone on the finish, cloying and numbing the roof of the mouth, sticking stubbornly to the roof of the mouth until the next morning, when a faint sweetness reminds the tongue of what occurred the night before."

Score 79

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Flavor Profile

Sweet & Spicy