Sullivans Cove American Oak Bourbon Cask

Single Malt

Sullivans Cove // Tasmania, Australia

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3 out of 5 stars
( 53 )

Using water from the surrounding rainforest, Tasmania produces Scotch style malts that are quickly gaining the attention they deserve. These are single barrel expressions, so slight variations can and will occur.

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  • Single Malt
    Distilled in pot stills from 100% malted barley, produced at one distillery, aged in barrels; if Scotch or Irish, must be aged for at least three years.
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Tasting Notes

"Knowing that it uses new American Oak casks and that the whisky tasted for review was aged exactly 13 years to the day, you might expect that this whisky would be a little more full-bodied. It has a pretty high vanilla character all the way through, with Asian pear and Gala apples reigning throughout the first sip. Soon after, the character develops and takes an almost 180 degree turn to Tellicherry black peppercorns with the whisky finishing on the slightly smoky side."

Score 89

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Flavor Profile

Floral & Vanilla