Tariquet Bas-Armagnac VS Classique


Tariquet // Bas-Armagnac, France

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The vineyards for the Château are located in Bas-Armagnac and for this bottling, 60% ugni blanc and 40% Baco grapes were used in its distillation. This is the youngest expression of their portfolio and is aged a minimum of 3 years in French oak. This family-owned, independent estate produces both Armagnac and still wine.

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  • abv
  • Armagnac
    Brandy distilled in a delimited region within France from specified grapes . Typically, only single-distilled, but not required. Aged in oak. Minimum aging: if VS-1 year (2 years, if exported), VSOP-5 years, XO-10 years (as of April 2018. Previously 6 years), Hors d’Age-10 years.
  • Cask Type
    French oak

Tasting Notes

"The fruity aromas are minimal as the focus is a bit more musky and spicy, but what fruits are there are more in the prune family. A bit sweet as you taste, those flavors quickly veer to bittersweet and finishes slightly nutty and tart. The dried fruits come through a bit more than on the nose, but don't get into those fruit punch flavors some very young cognacs have. A bit lean, but would be a good introduction to armagnac for those making the leap from cognac as the tannins are low and the barrel spices are integrated well with the brandy."

Score 83

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Flavor Profile

Woody & Spicy