Tequila 1921 Añejo

Tequila Añejo

Los Altos, Jalisco, Mexico

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Tequila 1921 was previously produced under traditional methods (tahona, copper pot stills, hand blown glass bottles and wax seals) and is now more automated at a different distillery (Destilaria Morales) under NOM 1535. The agave is still grown in the Jalisco highlands, but is now distilled (twice) in stainless steel with copper coils, with automated shredding and factory bottling. The añejo is aged 12 months in American oak.

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  • Tequila Añejo
    Distilled from 100% blue Weber agave, it is aged for at least a year in barrels not to exceed 600 liters. Any type of wood is acceptable, but ex-bourbon barrels are most common. Añejo tequilas are also known as "aged" or "extra aged".
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Tasting Notes

"This very fruity agave tastes predominantly of vanilla, caramel and butterscotch with Christmas spices. Some lime zest, ginger and that telltale stewed agave flavor come in toward the finish. This is a very clean, sweet and easy to drink añejo that is best enjoyed neat in a good Cognac glass."

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