The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve

Single Malt

The Glenlivet // Speyside, Scotland

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In 1824, farmer George Smith was one of the first to obtain a distiller’s license. Neighbors hiding illicit stills from the law resented Smith's new freedom. They reacted by threatening to burn down Smith’s distillery – with him in it. Smith retaliated by openly carrying two pistols. The neighbors cowered and he got busy creating the iconic Glenlivet whisky. This new expression is a tribute to Smith and the techniques he used to produce whisky. Master Distiller, Alan Winchester, distills his spirits using the same lantern shaped stills designed by Smith. Whiskies aged in traditional oak casks and first-fill American oak casks are blended based on flavor for this NAS whisky.

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  • abv
  • Single Malt
    Distilled in pot stills from 100% malted barley, produced at one distillery, aged in barrels; if Scotch or Irish, must be aged for at least three years.
  • Cask Type
    Traditional Oak, First-Fill American Oak

Tasting Notes

"We tend to take the Glenlivet for granted because of its availability. This isn’t rare whisky and Alan Winchester blended it to be drinkable – not over analyzed like a piece of literature. But, a few drops of water awaken the dormant Glenlivet beast. Ripe bananas and apple evolve in the nose with other orchard fruits. The palate is creamy and pleasant with sweet toffee and subtle vanilla influenced from the wood. The finish is short but precise where the orange fruitiness is at the top of its game. This young and approachable whisky is best shared with friends where the conversation doesn’t necessarily need to be about whisky."

Score 83

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Flavor Profile

Fruity & Sweet

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