Zuidam Dutch Courage Dry Gin

Distilled Gin

Zuidam // Netherlands

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This gin from Holland is not a Holland gin. That is to say, this is a dry gin and not a genever. Nine botanicals are used here including coriander, orange peel, vanilla, licorice, and cardamom in addition to the requisite juniper berries. Each botanical is steeped in the neutral grain base and is distilled individually. They are then blended together along with more neutral grain spirit. Dutch Courage is bottled at 44.5% ABV.

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    This style of gin takes a neutral spirit and then adds juniper berries and other natural flavorings before it is re-distilled. After distillation, additional flavors (artificial or natural) and sweeteners may be added.
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Tasting Notes

"Citrus (particularly orange), coriander, and juniper stand out as you smell the gin with a touch of vanilla coming in later. The gin is just a touch sweet with flavors of licorice but the original trio of citrus, coriander, and juniper are the dominant players here. Cardamom offers a warming sensation as does the alcohol content. Finish is dry and totally would work in a Martini, but won't get totally lost in a Negroni."

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