Afrohead XO Rum

Dark Rum — Bahamas

4.0 out of 5 stars
I can't believe the low scores this excellent rum has received. This rum is GOOD. It doesn't carry the amount of molasses flavor as many rums....it's there though. This rum is actually very well balanced with all the "traditional" rum flavors appearing one after another in a harmony of taste delight. It doesn't have the "funk" of some other aged rums...Bacardi 8 comes to mind. The oak in this is mellow and well rounded with just a touch of char coming through. This is coming from a boubon (Knob Creek 120p) /peated scotch (Laphroaig) lover. Try this one out. I think the review from distiller is pretty right on too. Excuse me while I go back to my glass....
45.0 USD per Bottle