Weller 12 Year

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

4.25 out of 5 stars
Ok so its time for some realignment. This is very good wheated bourbon. It is NOT the holy grail it has become. Yeah Im thrilled I was able to get this bottle through my "connection" for $65/liter and probably could have resold for much more but that is not who I am. I am a lover/drinker of whiskey/whisky not a collector. This has the Weller traits of smoky charred cotton candy with baking spice laced barrel. Touch of floral and cognac notes all found throughout the line. This is however much more refined and succinct. All rough edges have been polished off and there is a rich sweet smoothness with buttery oak finish. Overall a delicious bourbon that is severely overrated/overpriced just like Blantons. These BT whiskies are getting out of hand. They are really good and sometimes great but the cult status has pretty much ruined it for us all. If you somehow find this for retail sure buy it but the secondary market can keep it as far as Im concerned. I prefer bourbon with some rye anyway. Im not gonna ding this for all my rantings instead will score based on laurels. Its the best of the Weller line and in a vacuum an excellent wheated bourbon.....93/100
65.0 USD per Bottle
  • Whiskey_Hound

    One of my favorites. It's a real shame you had to write your review like this--in no part your fault. It's the retailers who are to blame, though the fact that people continue to vindicate them by purchasing. Can't say I'm not guilty. I won't blame BT, because they encourage people to report mark-ups. Not sure if they follow through though. At any rate, it's a fantastic bourbon IMO. But you 100% correct in focusing on the greater problem at hand here. The products of this great American distillery are quickly turning into trophy items for high-falutin snobs. They make great whiskey, but if they won't stop retailers from playing this game, I'll bring my bucks elsewhere. Sorry for the rant, and thanks for the review!

  • Ctrexman

    Okay to clarify I dont fault BT for the gouging its the secondary market. That said if this is the Pappy mashbill I will never pay the extreme pricing to experience it. This is $40 bourbon imo that supply/demand has skyrocketed to absurd prices. The entire Belle Meade line is far superior at normal market pricing(and its sourced!)

  • BDanner

    To be fair, BT’s prices on W12 & Blanton’s are very reasonable ($45 & $65), it’s retailers and flippers who are making huge profits off of them. Now, if you want to fault BT for their allocation policies, I’m right there with you.

  • ContemplativeFox

    @dhsilv2 I have to agree that this is too thin for my liking.

  • ContemplativeFox

    "connection" in quotes. @Ctrexman definitely offed someone to get this bottle. Congrats on getting it at that great price though! Well worth it for $65 :) I'm with you in regard to generally preferring some rye though. Would you place this above the Full Proof and WLW as well?

  • dhsilv2

    It's just too dang thin imo for these high scores. On flavor however, it's pretty pretty good.

  • DigitalArc

    @Ctrexman a vacuum is nicer than a faraday cage.... still, jealous