Valentine’s Day Whiskey & Food Pairings

February 14, 2018

One of the hardest nights of the year to hit the town is undoubtedly Valentine’s Day. It’s not only disheartening for single people—who have to witness couples at every turn—but it’s also the night that many venues mandate a prix fixe “romantic” menu, often including food and drink pairings, but rarely including whiskey!

For shame. Seasoned whiskey lovers know there’s pretty much a whiskey for every food, and when a delicious dram meets its edible match, it will absolutely stir your passions.

We’ve put together a sampling of just a few more popular Valentine’s Day foods, and the perfect whiskey accompaniment. If you’re planning your holiday and want to crank the romance dial to 11, we’d opt for skipping the stressful restaurant reservation and instead have a cozy night in. But should you find yourself adrift in a sea of pink and red tackiness, order the right whiskey and your partner might love you even more for it! Enjoy our Valentine’s Day Whiskey and Food pairings!


Whether or not you believe the romantic mystique surrounding oysters, they are undoubtedly well paired with a whiskey aged alongside (or at) sea. Enjoyed plain or with your favorite topping, you could also go for this trick – add a couple of drops of your whiskey to the oyster and let the smoky, briny goodness melt together in unison. Mind. Blown.

Bowmore 12 Year
Old Pulteney 12 Year


People have a real love affair with cheese of all varieties, and many are well suited to certain types of whiskeys. Cheese and whiskey pairings could warrant an entire series on their own, but here’s an abridged version to get your Valentine’s started:

Tangy, harder cheeses (think aged cheddars and the like) love bourbons:

Woodford Reserve
Four Roses Small Batch

Soft, creamy, mild cheeses such as brie call for expressions with nutty undertones, or perhaps a wine or sherry cask finish:

George Dickel Barrel Select
Dalmore 12 Year

More ‘aromatic’ cheese like Taleggio or Roquefort call for something strong and flavorful, but not too smoky or rich:

Redbreast 12 Year Cask Strength
Bushmill’s 16 Year


A well prepared steak for two with a fine whiskey to linger over can definitely get your Valentine’s going! This is a job for a whiskey that’s meaty and chewy, maybe a little spicy, or even one with a brawny proof or solid wood finish.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed
Auchtentoshan Three Wood


Why not skip the sugary cocktail and simplify things? Perhaps some fine chocolate with a perfectly paired whiskey on the side?

Milk chocolate warrants a more malty selection:

Michter’s US*1 American Whiskey
Glenrothes Select Reserve

Dark Chocolate wants depth and richness:

Glenfiddich 15 Year
Balvenie Single Barrel 15

Rich chocolate cake with berries and whipped or ice cream:

High West A Midwinter Night’s Dram
Brenne French Single Malt

Alright, you whiskey lovebirds! Go do your thing.

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