Our Favorite Barrel-Aged Gins

A cross between a whiskey and a gin, barrel-aged gins add depth to your cocktails and make lovely sippers. Here are some of our favorites of the bunch!
Oct 28, 2018
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    Herbal & Juniper
    This gin from Hernö is made by taking their recipe for their gin and aging it in 39-liter casks made from juniper wood. It is aged for 30 days and bottled at 47% ABV. The gin itself is comprised of 8 botanicals which include the requisite juniper berries, vanilla, meadowsweet, lingonberries, and black pepper, all of which are certified organic. Note: This is not currently available for sale in the U.S., but can be found in many European countries including the U.K.
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    One Eight Distilling united all of their products under one brand name “District Made". They are a grain-to-glass distillery located in the nation's capitol producing a variety spirits including whiskey, gin, and vodka. This barrel-aged gin takes the distillery's Ivy City Gin--made with the unique addition of local spicebush, a member of the laurel family with aromatic berries--and rests it into in new American oak for six months. Bottled at 102 proof.
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    Juniper & Floral
    Released in 2013, this gin was created with the help of historian and all-around spirits guru, David Wondrich. He found a recipe dating back to 1809 which confirmed his suspicions of American colonials using rye to produce Dutch-style gin. The gin is made from New York Distilling Co's unaged rye whiskey which uses New York state grains. It is distilled a third time in a pot-still after some juniper berries and Cluster hops are added to the still. It is aged for 3 months in oak to round out the spirit.
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    This gin from New Riff takes their Kentucky Wild Gin as a base and ages it for seven months in their used O.K.I. Bourbon barrels. They then add more of their unaged gin prior to bottling. They suggest it as a whiskey replacement in classic whiskey cocktails like the Martinez. These notes are for Batch #1, which has limited availability. Fear not, New Riff plans to release more.
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    The Barreled Gin is a recent (Spring 2016) addition to Koval’s wide breadth of products. They are a grain-to-glass operation that likes to experiment and push boundaries. They age their traditional dry gin for six months in barrels that previously held Koval’s whiskey.
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    Woody & Rich
    The Stirk in question is The Exclusive Malt’s David Stirk, a purveyor of limited run casks of some of Scotland's most celebrated single malt. This is a sourced London Dry style gin that has been finished by a sojourn in casks that had previously held Scotch. Bottled at 46% ABV.
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    Rich & Sweet
    In what first began as an 'family' experiment in 2008, Alexandre Gabriel first released a barrel-aged gin. This updated version, released in the US in late spring 2018, barrel-ages a gin made with 22 botanicals (yuzu, genepi, bleuet are added to the standard Citadelle Gin recipe). Five different types of wood--acacia, mulberry, cherry, chestnut, and French oak--are used to mature the gin for five months. Afterwards, the aged gins are placed into a patented eight-foot tall egg-shaped oak receptacle to marry before bottling at 45.2% ABV.
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    Woody & Rich
    Philadelphia Distilling Co. was founded in 2005 and is the first craft distillery to open in Pennsylvania since Prohibition. To honor the importance that Philadelphia has in American history, the distillery named their gin after the bluecoats American soldiers wore during the Revolutionary War. The brand's barrel-finished gin includes an additional aging process to the gin production. Taking the Bluecoat flagship gin made with four botanicals - juniper berry, coriander seed, citrus peel, and angelica root - this product ages for three months in new, charred American oak barrels. It is bottled at 47% ABV.
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    Sweet & Rich
    This expression from Eden Mill Brewery & Distillery starts with a gin made from several botanicals, including juniper berries, angelica, and coriander. It is then aged several weeks in oak casks previously used to store beer. It is bottled at 42% ABV.
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    FEW Barrel Gin takes a fairly neutral spirit base and flavors it with juniper, coriander, and other botanicals. It is then aged in a mix of new American oak barrels and used rye and bourbon barrels before bottling at 46.5% abv.
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    Woody & Sweet
    The inquiring minds at Falcon Spirits wanted to know what a botanical-infused brandy would taste like, thus this barrel-aged gin is made from unaged brandy that was distilled from Northern California grape wines. This is not unprecedented, and the distillery imagines a long history of juniper-infused wines and grape-distilled spirits before Britain’s 1618 embargo on French brandy. For their current endeavor, the spirit is re-distilled with the complete botanical blend before resting in new toasted French Oak barrels for 8 months to a year. After blending, it is bottled at 45% ABV.
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    Distillery No. 209 is located on Pier 50 in San Francisco, California. This gin is made by ageing their flagship gin for about six months in French oak barrels previously used in the making of Cabernet Sauvignon wine from Rudd Oakville Estate in Napa Valley. It is bottled at 46% ABV.