FEW Barrel Gin

Barrel-Aged Gin

FEW // Illinois, USA

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FEW Barrel Gin takes a fairly neutral spirit base and flavors it with juniper, coriander, and other botanicals. It is then aged in a mix of new American oak barrels and used rye and bourbon barrels before bottling at 46.5% abv.

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  • Barrel-Aged Gin
    Gin which spends some time in barrels, generally not more than a few months at a time, although there is no legal definition for this style.
  • Cask Type
    mix of new American oak, used rye, used bourbon

Tasting Notes

"Barrel-aged gin is often seen as a marriage between two spirits: gin and whiskey. The marriage isn't always a happy one, but in this case, thankfully, it is. On the first sip a note of sweet vanilla from the barrel comes through, followed by complementary flavors of juniper and orange. A lingering spice rises nicely on the finish. This is one gin that would be enjoyable served simply on the rocks, but it will also serve well in spirit-forward cocktails like the classic Martinez."

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