Our Top Rated Whiskeys From September

Out of all of the whiskeys we reviewed in the month of September, these ten took home the highest marks!
Oct 04, 2016
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    10 Highland Park Ice Edition
    Full Bodied & Spicy
    Released in March 2016, The Ice Edition (soon to be followed by the Fire Edition) hearkens back to Orkney's Norse roots. In Norse mythology, the world of ice (Niflheim) and the world of fire (Muspellsheim) were the first realms of the Vikings' universe. The Ice Edition is primarily aged in ex-bourbon casks, breaking from the distillery's tradition of sherry-maturation. Aged for seventeen years, and bottled at 53.9% ABV. Only 30,000 bottles will be released.
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    9 Port Charlotte PC11 Eòrna Na h-Alba
    Rich & Peaty
    Port Charlotte PC11 Eòrna Na h-Alba (Gaelic for "Scottish barley") is a heavily-peated Islay single malt (40ppm) that has matured for 11 years. This limited edition Travel Retail Exclusive from Bruichladdich Distillery was released in 2013 and bottled cask strength at 59.5% ABV. It's the 7th expression in the distillery's Port Charlotte PC series, an annual release of cask strength bottlings that began with the five-year-old PC5 Evolution.
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    8 Sazerac Rye 18 Year (Fall 2016)
    Full Bodied & Spicy
    For many years, this release had been pulled from a stainless-steel tank. Placed there to ensure that there would be some, albeit in tiny allotments, 18-year rye to release each year. This release marks the first "new" batch in years. 24 barrels for this rye were filled in spring 1998. It is bottled at 90 proof.
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    7 George T. Stagg Bourbon (Fall 2016)
    Full Bodied & Vanilla
    This uncut, unfiltered Kentucky Straight Bourbon is bottled at a proof of 144.1. The barrels were filled in the spring of 2001 and yielded 142 barrels in this year's batch. The barrels were stored in Warehouses M, N, H, L, & K.
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    6 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2016
    Vanilla & Sweet
    The 2016 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon is the 15th annual release in the series. They went big for the occasion, with a 12 year-old bourbon. The whiskey was kept near a west-facing warehouse window, expressly to offer added sunlight during the aging process. Barreled on June 4, 2004, and bottled at 97 proof, as determined by Brown-Forman Master Distiller Chris Morris and Old Forester Master Bourbon Specialist Jackie Zykan. This release comprises 93 barrels, the largest release for their Birthday Bourbon.
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    5 Eagle Rare 17 Year Bourbon (Fall 2016)
    Rich & Vanilla
    Part of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, Eagle Rare is a 17 year old bourbon. It was distilled in the spring of 1999 and aged on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors of Warehouses H & K. This bottling is comprised of 32 barrels. Unlike others in the collection, this is not bottled at cask-strength but at a more traditional 90-proof.
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    4 Stauning Peated Whisky (5th Edition)
    Oily & Briny
    Made from barley malted at the distillery and peated via peat excavated from near the Klosterlund Museum, the Stauning Peated is a self-claimed "whisky that appeals to Islay fans." The whisky is matured in first fill former Maker's Mark barrels and stored with ample airflow so the region becomes a part of the final product as well. Not available in the US.
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    3 Lagavulin 25 Year
    Smoky & Briny
    Following the release of their 8-year expression and continuing the celebration for the distillery's 200th anniversary is the release of Lagavulin 25 Year, which is a tribute to all the distillery's craftsmen over the years. A limited 8,000 bottles of this expression are available beginning in June 2016, with only 1,200 allocated for the US. It has matured exclusively in ex-sherry casks and bottled at its natural cask strength.
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    2 Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon (2016)
    Sweet & Rich
    The 2016 Limited Edition Small Batch bourbon from Four Roses incorporates three bourbons, each with a different one of their 10 mash bills: 12-year-old OESO, 12-year-old OBSV, and 16-year-old OESK. It's the first time in seven years that the OESO has made an appearance in this release. Bottled at barrel strength, 111.2 proof, there are 9,258 hand-numbered bottles in the release.
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    1 William Larue Weller Bourbon (Fall 2016)
    Full Bodied & Vanilla
    This 2016 edition of this heralded wheated bourbon was distilled in the winter of 2003. The barrels were aged on the 3rd and 6th floors of Warehouses D, K, & L. At the time of bottling, 145 barrels were selected and the whiskey was 12 years and 7 month old. It is bottled uncut, and unfiltered at 135.4 proof.